Friday, August 4, 2017

Back to the REAL World...?

After being home for 5 days, my gear is unpacked and put away, I'm still nursing sore knees, the Steed has been unwrapped, minor repairs completed, and assimilation back to my normal life has begun. No more washing my clothes in a sink, brushing my teeth at a creek, waking up at 5AM to finish a vlog, checking over the Steed, lubing the chain, kicking the tires, eating my meals from a bag, packing the gear and feeling the fresh air on my face on a crisp morning.

Life changes fast. As of today, donations have stalled at $38,177. Although $38K is a hefty sum of money and I'm grateful for all the support, my goal is $50K. Our wounded heroes deserve it. Please send this to all of your friends and ask them to donate to . 100% of the donation goes to Wounded Warrior Project. Next week I will post my final vlog of the trip.

Thank you for riding along with me on this trek across America and for all of the support. Helping our wounded heroes is an honor.

My Wanderlust is already kicking in, dreaming of the next adventure....Central America, South America, Africa....? In January I turn 50 years old...what is a suitable adventure for a half century birthday celebration?

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wounded Warrior Spotlight - Physical Health and Wellness

Physical Health and Wellness (PH&W) programs for veterans are designed to reduce stress, combat depression, and promote an overall healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging participation in fun, educational activities. When wounded warriors commit to making a positive change in their physical recovery, Wounded Warrior Project is ready to help. Goal-setting, coaching, skill-building, physical training, and other opportunities provide the resources warriors need to make long-term changes toward a healthy life.

The PH&W coaching model focuses on warriors with the greatest physical needs, offering multi-day events covering fitness, nutrition, mobility, recovery and goal setting and followed up with bi-weekly calls. Regional physical activity sessions and fitness challenges are arranged for warriors to connect with and support each other in reaching their health and wellness goals. Online educational seminars are available on various topics including nutrition and building a workout plan. Wounded Warrior provides ongoing physical health and wellness opportunities to warriors, their family members and caregivers to help them learn and practice healthy behaviors and habits within the community.

Thank you for helping me help our wounded heroes by your generous donations to WWP or by your corporate sponsorship of Crossing America On Dirt.

It's been quite a ride!

Monday, July 31, 2017

Just the FACTS...

Start date: July 1, 2017
End date: July 28, 2017
Total Miles: 5,776
Total Days: 28
Days on bike: 24
Most consecutive days on the bike: 18
Rest days: 3 home/1 Bend, OR
Number of States: 13
Flat tires: 3- all rear; 2 Georgia, 1 Oklahoma
Tire changes: 2 rear; 1 front
Tubes: 6
Oil changes: 2
Fuel consumed: 116 gallons
Brake pads: 1 set front, 1 set rear
Zip ties used: 30
Crashes: 3
Most miles in a day: 370
Shortest day: day 6, 120 miles
Nights in tent: 9
TV interviews: 3
Radio station interviews: 6

Sunday, July 30, 2017

The End! Day 28!!!

On the 28th day I reach the Pacific Ocean.  It is hard to believe that the CAOD ride is complete.  What an adventure!  The people I have met along the way will be with me forever.  This adventure had a purpose, and that is to help our Wounded Heroes.  It has been an honor to help those who have served our country.

Although the ride is over, helping our Wounded Heroes continues. remains active, please make a donation today.  The goal is $50,000 and we are sooooo close!

Thank you for riding along on this once in a life time adventure!

A special thank you goes out to Susan Richards, Sue Pyles and Amanda Reese.  You helped me make this adventure possible and I am forever in your debt.  You all ROCK!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Oregon 27. Dead end and low fuel.

The end of the ride is getting close!  After a wonderful rest day in Bend, OR, it is time to press on.  The OR high country offers spectacular mountain top views and challenging rides.  My bride met up with me in Canyonville after a road closure and I ran out of auxiliary tank did not feed into the main tank.  I had to siphon fuel from the aux tank to the main tank.  After a good dinner at the Casino, my bride scored big at the slot machine!!!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Getting high (in elevation) in Oregon....Day 25.

Great day of riding, cool temps in the mountains, brutal heat in the valleys.   Made it to Bend where I met up with my Bride.  First stop in Bend is Giant Loop HQ.  Met Mr. and Mrs Giant Loop and the GL Team.  Giant Loop has been a great sponsor of the CAOD trip.  The GL Team consulted with me to determine the best gear and it worked perfect!  My gear was dry and safe through torrential rain, mud, 3 crashes and a lot of rough riding.  If your riding for the day, week, month or RTW, Giant Loop is the gear for you?  #giantloopmoto