Saturday, June 24, 2017

Last Weekend Home...update

After celebrating my oldest son's 18th birthday yesterday, it is back to final preparations for the Crossing America On Dirt ride.  After a test ride this morning to shakedown the new boots, I will pack my box of gear to shipped to the Morehead City hotel, and two drop boxes along the way (Fayettville, AR and Denver, CO) with fresh clothes, food and maps.

The reality is starting to set in with the family and me, that I won't see them for the next 3 weeks, until I ride into Utah.  Being away from my family will be the most difficult part of this adventure.

The wounded hero interviews are still in the works, the latest schedule is Fayettville, NC and Colorado Springs.  I hope these interviews materialize.  It will be an honor to meet these Veterans.

Also, Tuesday morning I will be interviewed on Park City Television.  This will be a great opportunity to raise awareness and donations.  It is exciting to see the donations at 58% of target before the ride starts.

Thank you to everyone for the support.   This is not a one-man show, a lot of people have extended their knowledge, experience, skills and products to help me get this far.   Please support the sponsors who have helped me make this adventure a reality.