Friday, February 3, 2017

Pounding Pavement

This week has been spent riding Harley Davidsons around Nevada, Arizona and California with my good friend from Michigan.  What a great week to ride, the temp were cool in the morning and 60-70 in the afternoon.  Most of our riding was on historical Route 66 with a stop at the iconic Roy's Cafe/Motel in Amboy, CA.

After 1,100 miles of pavement it is time to put the off-road Steed to the test.  There is a change in plans.  Rather than ride the Mojave Trail, I've decided to drive closer to home and ride outside St George, UT.  After the test rides, I can be home in 4 hours and spend more time with the family.

World Famous Mountain Springs Saloon

Valley of Fire State Park

Route 66, most expensive fuel in America

Roy's Motel and Cafe on Route 66