Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Steed and growing parts list....let the mods begin...

The Steed!  After a 50 mile ride yesterday, it is going to take a lot of modifications to turn this motorcycle into a World Traveling Adventure Steed.  The KTM 690 Enduro is a single cylinder motorcycle.  At high speeds 70+MPH, the motorcycle has a lot of vibration/feedback in the handle bars and seat, at low speed offroad it has all the characteristics of a dirt bike.  One of the major short comings of this motorcycle is the fuel capacity, 3 gallons.  The distance between fuel stops is 160+ if all goes well.  The OEM rear fuel tank is not sufficient.  Rally Raid makes a great front fuel tank (actually 2 tanks) that bolt on where a traditional tank typically is installed.   There is a long list of parts started and over the next several months I will modify and test the mods.  

For my motorcycle geek friends I will list the mods as I install and test.   I see a few trips to Death Valley and Laughlin this Winter to ride/test the bike.  The first parts to be ordered this week are a Scott's Steering Stabilizer, Rox bar risers, Seat Concepts tall seat and wider foot pegs.  Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is going to love me this Winter.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

It all starts with a plan....sort of...

This is the placeholder for the next adventure.  Unfortunately this epic adventure isn't conducive to riding with my daughter.  The route is set, 4,800 miles from the Atlantic to the Pacific.  My motorcycle of choice (steed) for this adventure is the KTM 690 R.  This winter I will outfit/modify the motorcycle to endure the 4,800 mile trip and hopefully prepare me and the motorcycle for the ultimate adventure, riding from Utah to Ushuaia, Argentina in 2018; 11,600 miles.  This year I rode to the furthest northern road of North America, in 2018 I will ride to the furthest southern road of South America.

My approach to the Crossing America adventure is to be a minimalist and travel light.  The new steed is 250 lbs lighter than the Alaska bike of choice, BMW 1200 GS ADV.  Fortunately I can use the AK camping gear, but that's about it.  Riding off road for 3-4 weeks will be taxing to the body and the steed.   Stay tuned as I plan this epic American ride.