Wednesday, July 5, 2017

First day on the official Trans America Trail-wild day!

- rode 162 miles, most of it dirts
- completed 5.5 sections of Tennessee's 21sections (770 miles total in TN)
- 1 crash
- 4 creek crossings
- 1 torrential thunderstorm
- 1 very long vlog...10 mins!

There is a lot in this vlog, I will leave a narrative tomorrow.

You will see pics of Tammy in the vlog.  This was a great meeting.  When I pulled up to this tiny road side motel in the middle of the forest to grab an ice tea, this lady sitting on the bench goes, are you the guy riding across America for the soldiers?  When I reply yes, her face lit up.  She has been following my journey with her friend Hines, who suffers from PTSD.  Tammy shared that she lost a daughter in the military as well, so she has a lot of interest in people helping our Veterans.  The World can be a small place, what a coincidence that Tammy would be sitting outside when I rode in.  

Also want to thank Sam Correro again for his support and for mapping out this awesome Trans America Trail!