Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wounded Warrior Spotlight - Physical Health and Wellness

Physical Health and Wellness (PH&W) programs for veterans are designed to reduce stress, combat depression, and promote an overall healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging participation in fun, educational activities. When wounded warriors commit to making a positive change in their physical recovery, Wounded Warrior Project is ready to help. Goal-setting, coaching, skill-building, physical training, and other opportunities provide the resources warriors need to make long-term changes toward a healthy life.

The PH&W coaching model focuses on warriors with the greatest physical needs, offering multi-day events covering fitness, nutrition, mobility, recovery and goal setting and followed up with bi-weekly calls. Regional physical activity sessions and fitness challenges are arranged for warriors to connect with and support each other in reaching their health and wellness goals. Online educational seminars are available on various topics including nutrition and building a workout plan. Wounded Warrior provides ongoing physical health and wellness opportunities to warriors, their family members and caregivers to help them learn and practice healthy behaviors and habits within the community.

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It's been quite a ride!