Friday, December 16, 2016

Parts, parts and parts...

This weekend will be a major installation party...well a party of one at least.  It is currently raining in Salt Lake City, with a forecast of 2' of new snow in the mountains.  That's after 3' of fresh powder last weekend.  Sunday will be a snowboarding day at Snowbird!!!

While I'm waiting on the exhaust brackets to finish the installation of the header pipe and exhaust, I will replace the OEM fuel tank support bolts.  It has been reported that the OEM bolts fail under heavy use.  Yesterday the Rade Garage tank and foot pegs arrived. Excited to install the auxiliary fuel tank.  Rade Garage has the best solution for adding addition fuel to the Steed.  The lack of fuel capacity is a major weakness of the KTM 690.   During my ride, I need at least 180 mile fuel range between stops.  Rade's design allows the additional fuel capacity to be added without changing the characteristics of the KTM 690.  The Rade Garage tank sits within the frame, not bolted on the outside of the frame.

Rade Garage has been generous to support me on this trek by supplying me with a tank and pegs.  I will post pictures of the installation and test ride. Thank you Rade for the support.

Below are the latest pictures of the Steed.  Parts and tools are strewn out everywhere.