Monday, February 13, 2017


Sunday I was the benefactor of a very kind donation for the Crossing America on Dirt ride to benefit Wounded Warrior Project.  After several attempts to work with Seat Concepts, asking for their support to no avail, no return emails or telephone calls I decided to look for a seat to purchase.  After riding 120 miles off-road on the KTM seat during the first test ride, my derrière motivated me to move the need for a better seat to the top of the priority list.

To my surprise, on the local online classified ads, there was a listing for the exact seat I need.  What luck, and it is brand new.  After making arrangements with the seller to purchase the seat, we connected via telephone to workout the final details, since he lives in Idaho Falls, ID.  During our conversation I shared my trek and the purpose for the ride.  We had a great conversation and it was obvious we shared a passion for motorcycles.

Minutes after we hung up, he sent me an email confirming the details of our conversation and told me to use the seat as his contribution for the Wounded Warrior Ride.  WOW, that was completely unexpected, it is a GREAT and meaningful contribution to my ride.  Giving back to those who have served our country is a passion of mine, and when someone helps me it is humbling.  It is also a reminder of the good people in this country.  I want to sincerely thank David C. for his generosity and support.