Saturday, February 11, 2017

Navigation and planning....continued.

Right now the plan is kickstand up July 1st near Morehead City, NC and finish 4 weeks later at Battle Rock, OR. As the crow flies, it's 2,700 miles, on a motorcycle, off-road, I will ride 5,000 miles.  Averaging 170 miles per day.  Out of the 10-12 states I will ride, my home state of Utah will be the longest mileage at 1,000+ miles.  My plan is to stop by my house and visit the family (sleep in my own bed).  Due to the time of year (July, and high temperatures), I'm avoiding Nevada and going north, riding the southern edge of Idaho and possibly riding the entire state of Oregon.  The only issue with Oregon is it is the only state on my route that doesn't honor my Second Amendment Right.  If necessary I will ride further north through Idaho and finish on the coast of Washington.

My plan is to tent camp 2-nights, hotel 1-night, then repeat the same rotation. Approximately 20 nights in a tent.

This self-supported trip is not planned with a set schedule.  Riding off-road is unpredictable, weather, navigation, breakdowns, fatigue, etc determine the number of miles traveled.  This trip isn't about how many miles I can travel a day, it is about the journey, the cause (Wounded Warrior Project) and the great people I will meet along the way.