Sunday, October 30, 2016

The Steed and growing parts list....let the mods begin...

The Steed!  After a 50 mile ride yesterday, it is going to take a lot of modifications to turn this motorcycle into a World Traveling Adventure Steed.  The KTM 690 Enduro is a single cylinder motorcycle.  At high speeds 70+MPH, the motorcycle has a lot of vibration/feedback in the handle bars and seat, at low speed offroad it has all the characteristics of a dirt bike.  One of the major short comings of this motorcycle is the fuel capacity, 3 gallons.  The distance between fuel stops is 160+ if all goes well.  The OEM rear fuel tank is not sufficient.  Rally Raid makes a great front fuel tank (actually 2 tanks) that bolt on where a traditional tank typically is installed.   There is a long list of parts started and over the next several months I will modify and test the mods.  

For my motorcycle geek friends I will list the mods as I install and test.   I see a few trips to Death Valley and Laughlin this Winter to ride/test the bike.  The first parts to be ordered this week are a Scott's Steering Stabilizer, Rox bar risers, Seat Concepts tall seat and wider foot pegs.  Rocky Mountain ATV/MC is going to love me this Winter.