Friday, April 14, 2017


Wow, yesterday the temperature reached 83 degrees in Salt Lake City.....Spring is here, after 6" of snow on Saturday.  This weekend the KTM 690 will go out on a test ride, so photos and ride review will follow.

This week, Susan, the Wonder Women of Marketing, sent me the mock-ups for the new CAOD merchandise.  A lot of people have asked about stickers, hats and t-shirts.  Let me know what you think ( ...

The new merchandise will be ready by the Overland Expo-West.

I can't say enough great things about the Overland Expo and how great they've been to work with....if you don't have plans to attend the Expo, make your plans while you can find a hotel, or camp.  I will be camping in the ADV-VAN.  Or should I say Glamping...  The ADV-VAN is hardly roughing it in the outdoors.

Last year I rode to the Overland Expo, from SLC, 50% on dirt.  What a fun ride.  We started on dirt outside of Boulder, UT.

Please stop by the Crossing America On Dirt booth at Overland Expo West!!!