Sunday, April 30, 2017

Test ride....finally put the 690 and the latest mods to the test

Wow, beautiful day in Utah and a great day to put the KTM 690 to the test.  The ride was 130 miles, terrain included pavement, dirt roads, double track, rocks, ruts and a little mud.  I can't say enough about the new mods from Fasst Co.  The Flexx Handlebar is the bomb, especially in the tough terrain, going over rocks and ruts.  The reduction of impact to your arms and upper body is remarkable.  You don't notice the bars moving but you definitely can feel the difference after a few hours of riding.  This is a GREAT product.  I'm to old for MX, but a set of these bars are going on my KTM 500 EXC and my KTM 1190 ADV R.  Go to to find out more.  You may think you can live without these bars; if you ride with them, you won't give them back....

Although I wrote a ride report about the Warp9 wheels, today was a perfect testing ground, big rocks and deep ruts.  Wheels may be the most important upgrade for your ADV Steed.  The Warp9 wheels allow you to cut through obstacles with precision and roll over objects with confidence.  No dented wheels!

The new seat (brand not mentioned intentionally since they could not even return my email or phone calls) is a HUGE improvement over the OEM seat.  It is comfortable and will keep my backside as comfortable as possible during the 5,000 mile trek.

The Steed is the perfect motorcycle for the ride across America.  The KTM 690 is a giant dirt bike that will get you around on the slab when needed.  Today I rode 75 MPG with no problems other than a little vibration.  On the dirt, the BIG adventure bikes can't keep you in sight.  You carve through corners and through obstacles with little effort and at 3X the speed.  Riding across America on the KTM 690 is going to be a blast.

Today's ride was light, without gear.  I used the Giant Loop tank bag to store food, extra jacket, 2 tie downs and a hat.  You always need space on a motorcycle.  The Diablo fits the KTM 690 like a glove.  The bag does not move, even while riding gnarly terrain.  The bag is also handy for stability while standing, the KTM 690 is narrow due to the OEM fuel tank being in the rear of the motorcycle.  The Diablo stands up high enough to keep between your knees when standing.  And last but not least, it comes in orange too.

Today was an awesome day for riding, check out the pics and vids......  If you have questions or comments on the mods please email me at

Back home after a successful day