Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Gathering support and Why we ride...

First I want to thank those who have financially donated to support Wounded Warrior Project via this blog.  THANK YOU!

Several people have contacted me regarding what's going on right now...?  In order for 100% of the financial donations to go direct to Wound Warrior Project, my adventure is self-funded. Currently I'm reaching out to motorcycle parts manufacturers who sell the products I need to outfit the motorcycle for the 5,000 mile ride.  The cost to outfit the motorcycle is nearly as much as the motorcycle.  The manufacturers will have the opportunity to provide in-kind support with their products and you will see their logos on the motorcycle and my gear.

The first organization/person to provide in-kind support for my WWP ride is Sam Correro.  Sam charted the off-road coast to coast route.  He studied reams of maps and surveyed thousands of miles to create the main route I will follow.  Sam will be providing me the GPS coordinates and maps to navigate my way across America.  THANK YOU Sam!

For those who wonder why I ride....below is a great explanation.  Enjoy!