Monday, November 28, 2016

Winter Entertainment

Thanksgiving is behind us and winter is definitely here.  Saturday I met up with a good friend at Starbucks and we rode in the west desert, off-road.  It was 52 degrees and partly sunny.  We enjoyed a great lunch in Eureka, UT.  Highway 6 Diner. It may be the last ride of the season, at least in northern Utah.  During winter I read a lot of adventure ride reports, parts catalogs and dream of winter riding in southern areas.  The first parts delivery arrives tomorrow for the Crossing America Steed.  Work will begin installing ASAP.

The adventure book I'm currently reading is 'When the road ends" by Dylan Samarawickrama.  So far it is a great read about an incredible journey around the world on a motorcycle.  You can find it on Amazon.  Stay warm!