Friday, November 25, 2016

Operating Room

Like any surgical operation, an operating room and operating table are needed.  Last week during a snow storm I rearranged my garage by relocating my other motorcycles to make room for the operating table. The night of  November 23rd, during another snow storm my youngest son and I assembled the operating table, aka motorcycle lift.  Typically I construct a make shift set up to outfit a motorcycle, but this one is going to be a marathon.  Plus Harbor Freight had a HUGE blowout sale on this lift.

Most of the parts will start arriving in December.  After a few rides and more research, the parts list has grown significantly.  My order of priority is

1) Performance.   The air intake system and muffler choke down the true ability of the bike.  The suspension is soft.  
2) Fuel capacity.  This is a major concern.  I need an additional 3 gallons of fuel capacity to navigate between fuel stops.
3) Fitting.  The stock bike is setup for the average rider, I'm 6'3".   Bar risers, larger platform foot pegs and seat are a must.  The stock seat is a torture device at best.
4) Armor.  5,000 miles of mayhem is a lot for any motorcycle.  A quality bash plate (skid plate) is a must to protect the engine.