Saturday, January 14, 2017

How you can help...

Hello.  Now that the Facebook page has been launched I've heard from several followers asking how they can help.

My ride across America on dirt is dedicated to raising awareness and donations for the Wound Warrior Project.  The support I've received from sponsors has been great, they are helping make the ride possible.  The cash donations is what makes the difference to the wounded hero's who need the support.  

Other than motorcycle parts sponsors, the cost of the ride is self-funded, which allows 100% of your donation to make it to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Large or small, all donations are needed.  We have made the donation process easy.  Click on the Wounded Warrior Project logo, top right of this page, the donation page will walk you through the process. 

Please do your part to support the wounded hero's that keep us safe and protect our rights.  No matter what your political affiliation, our armed services protect you.