Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pack it tight

The Crossing America on Dirt trek will be a practice in minimalism...okay minimalist for me. I need luggage for the KTM 690 to pack a tent, tools, camping gear, clothes, etc.    Many of you that have ridden with me know I strap on a Giant Loop Great Basin to my 1190 for most adventures.  Giant Loop manufacturers great products, made in America, and the products are adventure tough.   Another reason I chose the KTM 690 is due to it's light weight, and the Giant Loop saddlebag doesn't need a rack, which keeps the weight down.

It is great that Giant Loop is sponsoring the Crossing America on Dirt trek for Wounded Warrior Project.  Harold and his team have set me up with a Coyote Saddlebag, Diablo Pro Tank Bag, a Quick Loop Lift Strap and a Quickloop cable to keep the thieves from taking my gear.
Coyote Saddlebag

Diablo Pro Tank Bag

Quick Loop Lift Strap

Quick Loop Security Cable

Thank you Giant Loop for giving me the ability to carry what I need on this adventure.  
                Below is a great video detailing what it takes to pack for an adventure....

                                                      Packing for an adventure video.