Saturday, January 21, 2017

Putting the Steed to the test!

The first test ride is fast approaching.  The cold weather has permeated the West, even Nevada.  This morning 7" of fresh snow is on the ground in Salt Lake City and it's still falling. Thankfully the Southern Nevada forecast for January 30th-February 5th is improving.

January 30-2/2 I will be stretching my legs on a Harley Davidson with good friends from Michigan. Our exact route is TBD until next weekend and I have an accurate weather forecast.  Options are Death Valley, Route 66 through Arizona or to/from Palm Springs area.  It will be fun to lay-down some miles in warm weather.

On my way to Las Vegas, I'm stopping at Faast Company, located in Washington, UT.  We're discussing their sponsorship level for the Crossing America On Dirt trek.  I'm excited to meet my contact and find out more about the Flexx Handlebar.  The KTM 690 is a single cyclinder motorcycle, which means vibration is constant.  The Flexx Handlebar helps remove the vibration and hard shocks that usually travel through your body and cause fatigue.  The Flexx Handlebar will make my 5,000 mile trek a lot more enjoyable.

February 3rd I plan to ride the KTM 690 on the Old Mojave Trail.  The Mojave Trail was created by the Native Indians to travel between water holes.  The trail predates the early 1700's when the Spaniards used the trail for access into North America.  The Mojave Trail has a lot of historic stops and a great place to put the Steed through a rugged 3 day test through the desert.  I will use ADV-VAN as home-base for the 3 days of riding.

Hopefully this week I can install the Warp9 wheels on the Steed as well.  The Warp9 wheels are a HUGE upgrade from the OEM wheels.  They will take a beating and keep on rolling.  The OEM wheels dent easily and broken spokes on the trek are a pain to deal with...  The Warp9 wheel set is built with adventure and abuse in mind.

It's time to put the rubber side down!