Monday, January 2, 2017

Knowing where to a map?

Sam Correro, founder of the Trans-America Trail is supporting the Ride Across America on Dirt by supplying me with the Maps, Roll Charts and GPS tracks for his westbound route.  Sam spent several years mapping this route and it will be my main route for this epic ride to support Wounded Warrior Project. Sam's maps are great and a HUGE time savings.  Imagine routing 5,000 miles off-road with fuel stops, food, camping, hotels, etc.  By purchasing Sam's maps, you don't need to imagine it, he has done it for you. 
The Trans-America Trail  (AKA: the “TAT”) is a west bound dual-sport motorcycle ride across America.
The Trail starts in Southwestern North Carolina, and ends at the Pacific Ocean in southwestern Oregon – nearly 5,000 miles of mostly off-pavement riding.
Ever dreamed of traveling cross-country on your motorcycle, seeing sights you’d never see from a car, and meeting great people along the way? Sam Correro had that dream and made it a reality by creating the Trans-America Trail. Now any dual-sport motorcyclist can make this amazing adventure, thanks to Sam’s meticulous mapping of the nearly 5,000-mile route across America.

You can purchase a set of GPS tracks, maps and roll charts by following one of the above links to Sam Correro's website.  Purchasing directly from Sam helps him continue his efforts to map awesome routes throughout America for riders to adventure. 
Thank you Sam for your support.