Monday, December 19, 2016

1,000 Followers and One AWESOME Exhaust

Prior to the trek across the Country, the blog is mainly focused on planning, outfitting the bike, etc. Over the weekend, the blog surpassed a milestone of 1,000 followers and financial donations are a little more than 5% of the total goal to date.  Not bad considering there is 6 months before the trek begins. Thank you for the support.

Ok, my inner motorcycle geek is coming out.  I enjoy outfitting adventure motorcycles, no surprise.  But after finishing the complete exhaust system tonight, wow!  Titanium and carbon fiber is the best combination.  There is an 8 lbs weight savings between the stock exhaust and header pipe.  So the auxiliary fuel tank with fuel weighs 1 lbs more than the exhaust weight savings.  Not a bad trade off.  The carbon fiber heat shields are awesome looking, hopefully I don't leave them in the Rocky Mountains after a crash.

Tomorrow I will install the rear rack and take a break for the holiday!  My operating room (aka garage), looks like a small nuclear device was detonated.  Time to tidy up the place.  After the holiday break, I should have a few more sponsors to announce.  Please take the time to visit the sponsor's websites and order what you need for your Steed.  You will find their logos on the right hand side of the blog.  Supporting the companies who support my trek with their products allows me to prepare the Steed and raise awareness and donations for the wounded heros who support our freedoms.