Friday, December 9, 2016

Outfitting the Steed.

As the parts arrive I'm installing them.  Brake disc guards, bash plate, fuel dongle, fuel neck and cap are all installed.  The new Titanium full Akrapovic Exhaust arrived😲....can't wait to install it!

The Rox handlebar risers are too tall and the rear sprocket is too big, so back to the drawing board. The 690 vibration is enough to shake your fillings out of your teeth.  My plan is to install a Flexxbar Handlebar with a Scott's Stabilizer.   This is just what the doctor ordered and a genuine life saver.  5,000 miles is a long way to ride with numb hands.  After fixing the vibration in the bars, next will be the seat, trying to decide what model.

Top choices:

1. Seat Concepts
2. Renazco
3. Touratech seat
4. Guts Racing
5. XPC Racking

The auxiliary fuel tank from Rade Garage, new air intake system and rear rack should arrive next week.😋

Still working out the luggage system.  The big question is rack or no rack.  Weight is a major concern.  The main reason for riding the KTM 690 rather than my larger KTM 1190 is pounds.  Hauling the bike over obstacles on the trail, picking it up after a fall/crash fully packed will happen.  The Rocky Mountains and the sands of Southern Utah and Nevada will test the bike and me.

Fuel neck and cap
extended foot

Bash/skid plate
Front disc guard
Titanium Akrapovic Exhaust