Thursday, December 29, 2016

Modification list ...the To-Do-List

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and are ready for the New Year!

The Steed may not look much different to the naked eye, but a lot has happened since the first parts list blog post.  Several manufacturers have supported this effort by supplying me with their products and more have pledged their support in the near future.  Please visit the sponsor section next to this post, these companies are helping me make this trek possible.

It feels like the modifications list may go on to the time I lift the kickstand in North Carolina.  The list is smaller now that most of the major weaknesses of the KTM 690 are resolved;

- fuel capacity (thanks Rade Garage)
- lighting (thank you MotoMinded)
- exhaust
- sub-frame reinforcement
- off-road fuel dongle
- fuel filler neck
- large kickstand foot plate
- protection: disc guards, bash/skid plate
- wheels (two thumbs up to Warp9)
- rear luggage rack

At the end of January, I will take the Steed to the Nevada deserts for a weekend test ride to insure everything to date is working properly.  It looks like Laughlin, NV will be the first test ride.  Death Valley test ride will be mid-late February.

Current Modifications To-Do list:
- seat
- steering stabilizer
- enduro mirrors
- auto-chain oiling system
- anti-vibration handlebar
- hand-guards
- luggage
- tires