Thursday, December 22, 2016

Seeing is believing.....

During the 5,000 mile adventure across America, there will be times when darkness falls before I can set up camp for the night.  There won't be street lights to illuminate this ride.  The stock/OEM headlight is about as effective as a candle in the wind, so I researched lighting alternatives.  Most of the time this means strapping lights to the motorcycle, usually on the forks.  During my research I found a company with the best solution for my problem, hands down.  The KTM Rally Kit Squadron Pro gives you power to light up any area while staying within the stock headlight fairing.  A clean look that won't be damaged in a side crash.

The company is MotoMinded and they have agreed to support my adventure as I travel across America on dirt to raise awareness and financial support for Wounded Warrior Project.  I will write a post for the installation and test ride on a future entry.

I want to thank MotoMinded and Chris Vestal for their support. I will think of you every time I'm riding in the dark, searching for a campsite!