Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Wounded Warrior Project® Spotlight-The High Cost of Freedom

We all have heard and repeated that freedom isn't free.  Some of our veterans have paid a very high price for our freedom and that is why I'm so passionate about raising awareness and donations for our wounded heroes. We, as Americans, owe them more than we can ever pay for what they've sacrificed for our Country. Please consider making a donation to the Wounded Warrior Project, you won't regret it.

The WWP 2015 Annual Alumni Survey captured the views of more than 23,000 injured service members, resulting in a 39.4 percent response rate, which makes these results the most statistically relevant and largest sample size of veterans who have been injured on or after 9/11. Some of the key findings include:
  • Nearly four out of every five warriors surveyed have a friend who was seriously wounded or killed in action
  • 75 percent report the memory of an upsetting military experience that has haunted them in the past month 
  • More than 42 percent report having a traumatic brain injury (TBI) 
  • The top five reported injuries and health problems experienced during post-9/11 service are:
    • post-traumatic stress disorder,
    • sleep conditions,
    • back, neck, and shoulder problems,
    • depression, and
    • anxiety