Thursday, May 11, 2017

And we're the Overland Expo West

The time is finally here...we depart to drive to Flagstaff for the Overland Expo West.  Like any trip, it isn't an adventure until you have a few good problems to overcome.  Last week I took the ADV-Van to the shop to have a few minor repairs finished, the tech shorted out the van's electrical system and fried the central control panel.  The central control panel is the brain of the van.  After 7-days of this-and-that, parts not showing up, etc, the van won't be going to Flagstaff.  I'll be driving my AEV Ram, pulling the trailer.

This also changes our room and board.  The ADV-Van was home for the Expo as well as part of the exhibit.  Now Double Tree hotel is home for the event.  Staying/Camping at the Expo is preferred, you miss out on a lot being at the hotel.  Oh-well, that is the way it goes sometimes.  No Glamping this trip....

Good news, my 13 year old son is going with me.  He will be my wing-man for the trip.  We decided to load up his KTM 85 and try to ride a couple of trails over the next few days.  Also, the hats and t-shirts arrived just in time, a BIG THANK YOU to Karen Vassar.  

See you in Flagstaff!!!