Tuesday, May 30, 2017


Riding 5,000 miles, 92% on dirt, will take a toll on your body, so preparing is the best preventative medicine.  A month ago the promoter of Salt Lake Off-Road Expo introduced me to Shawn, the inventor and owner of Moto-Skiveez.  A the local motorcycle shop I'd saw the riding shorts, but never made the purchase.  What a mistake.  After meeting Shawn and now testing the riding shorts, I could have saved myself a lot of pain in the @$$.  My daughter and I should have worn Moto-Skiveez shorts last year to the Arctic Ocean.  The shorts are much better than bicycle shorts because the pads are wider where you need it.  The shorts are well crafted, good construction and something that will last my entire ride. If you ride, you deserve a pair of Moto-Skiveez shorts.  6 hrs in the saddle today and my posterior is ready to ride again...which will come in handy since I'm riding for 5 weeks across America!

The second item tested was the Moto-Skiveez compression socks.  Socks are socks right...WRONG.
Wearing the Moto-Skiveez socks is like getting a calf message while you ride.  Very comfortable and they stay in place...no sagging!  Again well made quality product. Us older riders know what compression socks are for...get a pair

Last and definitely not least is the Technical Riding Shirt.  There is a lot of technology in this shirt.  It is meant to keep you cool and is a great base layer under your riding jacket.  I truly thought it would be too warm to wear the shirt, but it did keep me cool while wearing my gear.  Fit was spot on too.  This shirt is nice enough to wear on it's own off the bike.

These products will be with me the entire 5 week adventure!

Sorry, no pics of me modeling the product, I want you to keep reading my posts.

Trust me I'm wearing them...