Sunday, May 14, 2017

Overland Expo-Day 2

The motorcycle was a huge draw at the show, which gave me a great opportunity to tell the story of what, when and how for the benefit of Wounded Warrior Project. I met a lot of great Veterans and active service military as well. I handed out free t-shirts to all veterans and active service members. Saturday was a great day! The wind and sun made for a red tan and a lot of dust, but it was well with it.

The sponsors got a lot of exposure. The wrap from Queen of Wraps was a huge hit, the wheels from Warp9, bags from Giant Loop, bars/pegs from Fasst Co, lights from MotoMinded and the auxiliary fuel tank from Rade Garage were BIG hits with the spectators. The lighter weight adventure bikes are the big buzz right now with a lot of the BMW riders looking for a lighter, more nimble motorcycle. The KTM is a top choice for a smaller, light weight ADV motorcycle.

If you haven't attended Overland Expo, plan too. If you like to spend time outdoors, and adventure, this is the place for you. No matter if you're a weekend camper or a full time overlander. Overland Expo has what you are looking for...

Saturday was a windy day in Flagstaff, 57 MPH gusts.  One of our banner were destroyed.  Nothing like hot sun and blowing dirt to make the day more interesting.

Saturday afternoon Leslie from Wounded Warrior Project headquarters, in Jacksonville, FL, visited the booth and helped talk to our spectators. Leslie was a wealth of information regarding the significant difference Wound Warrior Project is making in our veterans' lives. Most are too proud to ask for assistance, so WWP has to keep in contact until the time is right for the veteran. It is truly inspirational to hear the success stories and the drive behind Wounded Warrior Project to help our wounded heroes.

One veteran with PTSD visited our booth reaching out for help with a personal issue. It was gratifying as well as humbling to make the connection to Wounded Warrior Project knowing that they will help him.

Our wounded heroes deserve and need our help. Please help me raise donations for our wounded heroes. They need our help. Go to to make a donation today. Your donation makes a difference in a wounded heroes' life.

Thank you Leslie for making the long trip to visit Crossing America On Dirt's Overland Exhibit booth and for taking the time to share what WWP is doing to support our wounded heroes.