Saturday, May 13, 2017

Overland Expo- Day 1

The first day of the Overland Expo is history.  Please find me on Facebook for live updates and photos.

After 500 miles of driving and setting up our exhibit booth, my son and I were worn out Thursday night.  It is great to have Kazen with me.  He is a motorcycle aficionado like his dad.  We talked motorcycles and cars all the way to Flagstaff.  Kazen also thinks its cool that he missed 2 days of school while his siblings did not.  He has been a great help and awesome company for this part of the adventure.

Standing in line for our exhibit packet after 500 miles of driving

Hard at work, building the exhibit booth

Celebratory dinner.  This kid can eat.  He consumed 2 dbl cheese burgers to my 1 burger

Final exhibit booth set-up

Cheap labor, manning the booth

Yes, Overland Expo is pet friendly.

Hired help trying on the Steed for future adventure. He is a little short...but is wearing the right hat and shit :)

 Kazen and I met a lot of great people the first day and made several contacts with industry reps who are willing to help me raise awareness and donations.  Friday is usually a slow start at the Expo, most people are still at work.  Saturday will be a great day and hopefully we will collect more donations.  Please spread the word and visit the Facebook page.  Donations are currently 37% of target, which is awesome!  

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the sponsors and Susan Richards (marketing guru) who made this event a reality.