Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Built to Last....

Although the Steed is en-route to North Carolina, the work to make it the best ADV Steed continues.  In addition the the Perun subframe tank re-enforcement and rack installed in December, I'm adding Perun Heel Guards and Brake Cylinder guard.  The OEM heel guards are plastic and a weak point.  The heel guard is my tie-down for my Giant Loop Coyote Bag.  The metal Perun Guards are metal and will hold up to the task of keeping my gear attached to the Steed.  The brake cylinder is a potential problem, due to it being exposed and easy to hit when climbing over a stumb, rock, etc.  The brake cylinder guard keeps it from being destroyed...my brakes will come in handy during the ride :)

The Perun rear cargo rack is well built, designed to follow the lines of the KTM 690, looks great,  and will hold up my Giant Loop Coyote bags the entire 5,000 mile trip.  The heel guard and brake cylinder guard will be installed when I arrive in NC.

Thank you for the support Perun Moto!

Tank Re-enforcement kit

Rear Rack

Heel Guard

Rear Brake Cylinder Protection