Thursday, June 29, 2017

On the Plane...headed to North Carolina. T-minus 2 days to start.

After a great night with the family, I'm sitting on the plane, working on map routes, going over things to do and missing my family.  As a tradition before a BIG adventure, the kids shave my hair.  This tradition started when our kids were young and they would get a kick out of shaving my hair before a long ride.  Back then, most of the long rides were via bicycle and a few motorcycles trips.  Short hair is easier to manage when your riding and camping your way across America.  No reason to pack a comb or hair gel 👦

After landing in Atlanta, I have a VERY short layover (I'll be running to the gate) before boarding a plane to New Burn, NC.  Then I'll Uber it to the warehouse in Jacksonville, NC (thank you Murray Transfer/Mayflower) where my trusty Steed has been waiting for me.  After removing the Steed from the skid and a quick change into my gear, I will ride 60 miles to Morehead City.  My hotel is on Emerald Isle, on the beach.

Friday I will download final routes, reconfigure my gear, swap out a few items, install the new mirrors and heal guards, check and double check the motorcycle,  then play tourist until Saturday morning.