Thursday, June 22, 2017

Countdown and changes....

This time next week I will be on a plane, flying to NC to retrieve the Steed. Yesterday my new Sidi riding boots and Giant Loop gear arrived.

New packing gear arrived. The Tillamook bag is perfect, versatile. The Gas bag is genius...the perfect way to carry 1 Gallon of fuel and the Possibles pouches will enable me to make a few items easier to access. #giantloop rocks! The gear works together and integrates into a complete system. Giant Loop has been a great supporter of the Crossing America trek. Thank you Giant Loop.

Swapped the Sidi Crossfire2 for the Sidi ADV 2. Need to break'em in. Way too shiny! Trading a little protection for more comfort and Gore Tex waterproof.  Thank you for the support Motonation.

Last but not least, my family surprised me with a little Father's Day gift that will be useful during the adventure....

Everything is coming together.  The reality of leaving my family for a few weeks is settling in...  My plan is to visit my mom and dad in Colorado and then my wife and kids in UT.  Leaving my family is the toughest part of the trip.  The flight to NC will be lonely.  Leaving loved ones is tough, but it is for a short time. Our active military on deployment leave their families for 9 months or more each deployment.  Wow!  What a sacrifice to serve our country and fight for the freedoms we all enjoy.