Tuesday, June 20, 2017

T-Minus 9 days

Nine days before I depart via plane to NC, where the Steed is waiting.  While the Steed and gear have been waiting for me in NC, I've been obsessing over every little detail, basically rethinking my gear, route, etc.  It will be good to get the wheels rolling and have fun.

At the warehouse prior to shipping 

If all goes well, I recover the Steed the afternoon of the 29th in Jacksonville, NC, then ride to Morehead, NC where I will work on the bike on Friday.  While re-thinking most of my gear and supplies, I've changed out a few items.

First is the actual tail bags, the two orange bags will be replaced with the Giant Loop Tillmook dry bag.  The fuel canisters will be replaced with one Giant Loop Fuel Bladder, doubling my emergency fuel to 1 gallon.  I'm also adding 2 Possibles Pouches to the non-fuel side of the Giant Loop Coyote bag for additional carrying capacity, taking a few items out of the Coyote and making them easier to access.  Thank you Giant Loop for helping me organize my gear and bags.

Next change is footwear.  The Sidi Crossfire 2, which are a great dirt riding boot, are being changed out to Sidi Adventure 2 Gore Tex boot.  The Sidi Adv 2 is waterproof and more comfortable to walk in, while giving me the support needed during dirt riding. Trying to find the right mix of comfort and protection for 4-5 weeks of riding.  Thank you Motonation for the assistance and support.

Last, I'm adding the Perun heal guards and rear brake protector.

Please check out Facebook and Instagram for addition updates.  The satellite tracking icon has been added to the right side of the blog.  This is where you can track me live during the ride.