Friday, June 30, 2017

Last minute bike mods are complete...this is for the moto geeks

This morning I installed the new mirror and the Perun Moto heal guards and Rear Brake Reservoir protector.  Also installed a set of break way mirrors.  The stock mirrors are attached to the brake and clutch reservoirs, a hard crash could render you without one or both.  The break away mirrors are a uni-body construction with Ram ball mounts that fail before you damage important parts.

There is no comparison to the OEM heal guards, they are flimsy plastic, the Perun version has slots to tie down my Giant Loop Coyote bag and there metal.  The Rear Brake guard is a simple install and worth its weight in gold.  The reservoir is vulnerable to rocks, trees, etc.  Whatever you crawl over or hit can damage it and then what?  No rear brakes!!
Heal Guard and Rear Brake reservoir protector